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Super Duty Dungeon Irons



In medieval times masters frequently controlled misbehaving apprentices by having the apprentice work in shackles and chains. Mstr Alex now offers a new line of Super Duty Dungeon Irons that allow modern day master the same capability. Masters now, as in medieval times, can secure their subs in irons that can be worn 24/7 with out abrasion or other damage to the sub.  These  Super Duty Dungeon Irons, SDDI for short, are built to a standard previously only available in “one off” sets of custom made dungeon irons. Up to now Masters have had difficulty in finding  strong snug fitting dungeon irons for their subs.  Mstr Alex now makes available modern, hand crafted, and fully functional versions of these medieval “Training Aids”   


What Makes Mstr Alex Dungeon Irons Super Duty Dungeon Irons?

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